Friday, January 7, 2011

1st Post ever! is a personal blog about my interests, thoughts, opinions and I guess anything, I find amusing, under the sun :) 

Correction: it is pronounced as Gyaru Wanabe (wa-NA-be) just as how you pronounce a Japanese surname, not the English term for aspirant or a would-be...although I must say that I am an aspiring Gyaru LOL.

First thing is first. I am not blogging to impress anyone neither to humiliate or to pick on someone. I blog because I felt the urge to share, to write, to express my thoughts that I couldn't express verbally. This blog is like my utopia- I can do and write anything to make it favorably enjoyable for my personal entertainment. I hold myself liable for every entry that I have posted here.

If you find my post as offensive or not entertaining, even interesting, at all... then please refrain yourself from reading as I don't want toinsentience, piss anyone.

Gyaru Wanabe will be anything about GYARU (Duh, it's even on the title so I guess it pretty obvious *peace*) Visual Kei, Fashion, Everyday life, obsessions (too many to post!), music, designs, people, anime, PVs, reviews and a whole lot more. So I hope my blog wouldn't be much of a bore stiff blog :) 

To finish this post, I am sincerely very happy that I was able to write a decent entry today and hopefully I could continue writing sensuous posts on the up-and-coming days. I wish to share a lot of things to anyone who might find my posts interesting. I'll try to do my very best on every post. Rest assured that I'll write my entries as personal as possible as if I was talking to someone :)

This is it for now. See yah around.

Grayson <3